What to do with all those workshop notes !

Have you attended a webinar, workshop or training program and taken lots of notes?

Had great intentions to implement things and started and then gotten stuck and put it aside?

One day you took a look at the pile of notes and thought what am I going to do with them?

You are not alone. Most business owners I talk to have experienced the heady excitement of learning something new and then not actioning it !

If you have a pile of notes and you want to know what to do with them then read on. They could be digital notes or hand-written ones. They still create mental clutter.

Workshop Notes

Sort those NOTES OUT from those workshops

Take a look at those workshop notes and ask yourself these questions

  1. ARE they still relevant – especially social media dimensions etc as these change fairly quickly !
  2. Is it relevant to my industry?
  3. DO I want to implement this stuff ?
  4. Do I want to learn HOW to do it ?
  5. DO I have the time to it?
  6. How urgent is it in line with my current business goals?
  7. WHAT can you hire someone else to do ? I know my friend Deb Malone found that she has had way more clients wanting to set up  their online sales funnels & facebook adverts than learn how to do it themselves.
  8. Throw out the old notes . Delete the files or recycle the paper notes .
  9. By now you should have a smaller . So sort them into these three categories
    1. STUFF for ME to do
    2. STUFF to outsource !
    3. STUFF to brainstorm
  1. Book at time to take action and WORK on your business
  2. Make yourself accountable to someone to get it done ! Arrange a brainstorm session for stuff you need to figure out.

Stop taking notes START taking action in your business !

Like some help sorting out HOW to do things in your business ?

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What to do with all those workshop notes !

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