Top 5 tips to Meetings that make things Happen

How often hachecklistve you attended a meeting to watch it get hijacked by other topics?

Listen to a debate that has nothing to do with why you thought you where meeting?

How would you like to run a meeting where there is an agenda that has only 3 topics ?

All other topics that are raised during the meeting are parked for a later date?

All the attendees know why they are invited?

Read on …

Top 5 tips to Meetings that make things Happen

  1. As the meeting organiser send out the agenda with the appointment invitation. ( try to keep it to 3 points)
  2. Have a time keeper and and a note taker. Schedule a set amount of time for each topic.
  3. Set expectations for how the meeting will run at the beginning of the meeting for example: ” In the interests of a meeting that gets action and to get you all out of hear on time I will be parking any off topic ideas for later discussions or meetings”.
  4. Ask for agreement to clarify and move the meeting along. ” So to clarify- the Xmas party is set for Friday the 16th starting at 7pm, partners are invited and the company will provide, beer, wine, juice and finger food?”
  5. When people raise topics not on the agenda park them. A handy phrase  ” thanks for raising that important point John, in the interests of finishing this meeting on time we will put that on the review list”

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Top 5 tips to Meetings that make things Happen

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