The secrets of using templates and how they save you hours

Often we open a new document and just start typing this can cause headaches down the line when we need to tidy it up to present to a client.

Most of us have had no format training on how to make the most out our software – How many times have you had to edit each individual heading or block of text ?

To make your life easier set up a couple of branded word templates so you can start with the correct formatting in place. Simply make global document changes whjen you need to update a style and ensure consistency across you communications.

I recommend that all my clients have a Portrait and a Landscape Microsoft Word Templates. ( we may also create a manual template, form templates etc…)

Kiffin Microsoft Word Template
Kiffin Microsoft Word Template

These templates will most often contain

Branded styles for

  • Header & Footer
  • Headings 1 – 5
  • Title page ( first page different for longer documents such as manuals, reports, ebooks)
  • Table styles
  • Checklist / bullets
  • Numbering




Before your jump into making a document here is a simple table for you to use when you are creating new documents or reviewing existing ones.

What does my document need to communicate?
Document Creation Guidelines
Questions Your Answers Actions to TAKE
Who? Who is this document for (audience) and who owns it in-house?
Why? Why has this document been created? Does it have a specific purpose?
What? What is the purpose of this document and what must be included?
Where? Where will this document be used/ accessed from?
When? When does it need to be released or actioned?
How? How will the document be used and updated?

 Microsoft Word Template Special

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The secrets of using templates and how they save you hours

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