Delegating with ease

How to delegate by FIona Hall

How often have you thought it will take to long to teach someone how to do this… I will just do it myself?

I suggest you book yourself a time in your calendar to write down “HOW to do those tasks”.

Never written a how to before?

A simple trick I use is to write myself a checklist in the a reoccurring appointment.

Then if  I do need to delegate it the instructions are already written.

When writing instructions think about the following questions.

Who needs to do it, when and why…. For example you may set up a reoccurring task for the following.

10am 1st Monday of the month. Run MYOB report on past months sales figures by region, sales person and product .  Email results By 12noon to Accountant  as they need use it in the management meeting at 3pm. ( this many be a monthly task  ) Use bold text to highlight actions and times.

This task is easy to delegate as now it gives the person more information and highlights its importance and who to  follow up with in your absence.




Powerpoint – what not to do

If you are reading this post I am sure will have attended workshops  and seen a lot of boring powerpoints.

I know was guilty of producing powerpoints that lost my audience when I started out. Over the years I have picked up lots of great tips from some great teachers and here are my favourites.Streamline and automate your business documents and systems with a systems coach from Kiffin

What not to do in PowerPoint …

  1. Kill your audience with the BULLET Point, especially ones that fly in with a noise. (see the simple presentations by Steve Jobs for inspirational images remember a picture paints a 1000 words)
  2. Read off your slides – as your audience can read faster that you can talk ( and then they are not paying attention to YOU)
  3. Overload your slides with lots of text, busy graphs and information -( sleep inducer)
  4. Don’t use colours or images that don’t compliment your brand. (Remember this is an opportunity to reinforce your brand)
  5. Spelling mistakes. (Run your presentation past an person with perfect grammar and spelling ( I have been guilty of spellos – especially with the american spelling of words)
  6. Leave your audience without a call to action . (This is an opportunity to sell your product or service so always provide a way to capture people names for your database, sample your product or service – or purchase directly.)
  7. Go over time – (Rehearse rehearse rehearse & TIME yourself. Then remove some slides !)


For a brilliant illustration what not to do in PowerPoint watch this comedians clip “Death by powerpoint”

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