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What to do with all those workshop notes !

Have you attended a webinar, workshop or training program and taken lots of notes? Had great intentions to implement things and started and then gotten stuck and put it aside? One day you took a look at the pile of notes and thought what am I going to do with them? You are not alone. […]

5 keys to Systemise your Recruitment

Years ago I spent two weeks recruiting retail staff for 3 stores. 200 plus phone calls and 40 face to face interviews later I was exhausted and I had fine-tuned the process. What I had in place was great systems and great questions to filter through the right candidates. What came out of that process […]

Induct new staff more simply and easily

Settling new staff members in can really slow down your productivity. Learning small things like how to set up their email, or where the tea and coffee is kept means your new team member will take a while to start performing at top speed. It also means they’re interrupting their team‐mates to ask questions. Record […]

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