Plan your team growth

Organisational ChartOrganisational Chart

Even if you are a small business and you do all of the roles right now it is worthwhile creating your Organisational chart for your business. Accountability flows from a well thought out Organisational Chart.

If you plan you team growth  your business will run a lot smoother. Waiting till you hit the wall and fall flat on your face with exhaustion will help you to fall out of love for your business quickly. As your business grows you may plan to take on a team or outsource parts of your business. Stuff like bookkeeping and it stuff are the most common things to outsource first. Having an overview of each area in your business and how things work together means your team gets to see who they are accountable to.

Areas to cover in your Organisational Chart …

Here are the basic areas to cover. Depending on the type of business / organisation you run the Titles / Roles may change.

  • CEO
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Human Resources & Legal
  • Administration
  • IT
  • Service Delivery/ Operations

STOP and think

  1. Acknowledge how much work you are actually doing – PAT yourself on the back !
  2. Look at the skills sets required to do business, Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR , Admin, IT & Legal, Service Delivery/ Operations
  3. Look at the things you AVOID or grumble about doing – these are the first things to look at outsourcing ( Maybe that is  your blog posts !)
Use the Smart Art Function in Microsoft Word to build your chart or get out a piece of paper and pen!

Next STEP  …. Roles and Responsibilities

Plan your team growth

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