DIY Office Manual

Everything it takes to run your office in ONE, simple, easy-to-access place

Your business is expanding and you’ve got great staff who know how to get their job done.

But the problem is, all your office information is scattered across the business – and there’s no one simple place to find the answer to everyday questions.

  • Important details are captured on faded Post-It notes and in the back of diaries
  • If a key staff member is on holiday or unexpectedly sick, tasks pile up because no-one else knows how to get things done.

Sound familiar?

A lot of the day-to-day stuff might seem simple, like how to set up email accounts, how to book a courier and who to call when the internet goes down.

But that small stuff is costing your business

Every time someone has to scramble around for a phone number, or interrupt a colleague to find the store cupboard key – you’re losing productivity.

And worse, your business is vulnerable.

 I don’t want to say what would happen if one of your key people got hit by a bus, but….What would happen if one of your key people got hit by a bus?

 What if there was a simple, easy way to capture ALL your essential office info so you can:

  • Help temp staff get up to speed quickly and do a great job for your business
  • Help new staff or contractors hit the ground running (with less hand-holding from you)
  • Give your staff a tool to find what they need, when they need it
  • Take the stress out of staff holidays, sick leave and maternity leave
  • Have peace of mind in the case of unexpected business interruption (save your Manual to the cloud and access all your essential info from anywhere)

 Introducing the DIY Office Manual

A simple, easy-to-follow system to get all that administrative information and procedures out of your heads and into one handy reference tool that anyone can follow.

The DIY Office manual:

  • Captures everything your staff need to know, to keep the office running smoothly no matter what
  • Is easy for Microsoft Word-users to fill-in and update
  • Is full of handy prompts and templates to help you create efficient best practice procedures for your business
  • Curates all the information in one simple, easy-to-access place

With the DIY Office manual in place, your office will be more efficient, your staff will be more productive and you know your customers will be taken care of no matter who picks up the phone.

Even better, you and your staff can actually take holidays without the constant stress of work calls or coming back to an exploding inbox.

How does it work?

 Your 50-page Office Manual comes with your logo and a handy hyper-linked table of contents for easy navigation. It covers essential office functions like:

  • Communications – phone protocols, email signatures,
  • IT – internet suppliers, cloud storage, help desk, software subscriptions
  • Essential contacts – emergency contacts, repair services, contractors, cleaners, contractors
  • Key relationships – the people who keep your business running, like printers, bank manager, PR contacts, marketing, distributors, suppliers
  • Social media – schedule and files
  • Account details – login details, mobile phone contracts and plans

 Look, I could go on and on and on…

 Basically the DIY Office Manual captures all those 1000s of tiny details that one of your staff has jotted down, somewhere in the back of a diary.


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