Top 3 Tips for improving your Sales Process

My Top 3 Tips for improving your Sales Process

Read on if you would like to feel more productive and delight your clients with your amazing quick follow up.

If you are doing the sales work in your business then you will often have preparation and follow up tasks to do.

Here are top 3 tips to feel more productive and improve your sales process

TIP 1.      USE your calendar to extend your memory

  • Book 15 – 20 min in your calendar each week – subject “reviewing my sales funnel”
  • Book in 30min – 1 hour SALES TIME on a Monday mornings review your leads, prospects, current clients then call or email them. Try to think of something useful you might be able to send them to reinforce your expertise.

TIP 2.      Make meeting follow up easy

  • Finish on time ! The Key to this is to create an agenda and use it. Park any off topic information for later.
  • If you need to note an action – open a new appointment for yourself using your smart phone, tablet or laptop etc. Write in the action you will take.
  • At the close of the meeting open an email and compose a message confirming the points discussed and actions to be taken with the person as you talk.
  • Allow yourself a buffer of 10 – 15 mins after a meeting to do your follow-up phone calls, emails, updating & entering of information etc..

TIP 3.      Notice what went well and write it down

  • For example – when a sale goes particularly well – take 10 minutes to think about what it was you did. If you can remember it write it down. Was it a great email you can use again? Was it a new set of questions? – not sure? Ask your client.

Making your sales process smooth not only makes it easier for you it also adds a level of professionalism to your client interactions.

This is the start of a SYSTEM!

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Top 3 Tips for improving your Sales Process

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