How to work ON your business every month

Business BestiesYou know working ON your business is as important as working IN it.

I find that when I start to work on my business I can get stuck, need help and then procrastinate and put it off. I wanted to figure out how to How to work ON my business every month?

Can you relate?

  • I wanted more momentum and to get stuck less often.
  • I wanted to figure out how to work on my business every month.

This year I’ve managed to do just that! This was directly related to having a group of Business Besties. A group of other women in business who are up for business growth knowing that we need to do things differently to get different results.

I have scheduled this time into my calendar as it’s precious and I guard it to make sure I make these sessions.

Women in business who are wanting to grow their business, to bounce ideas off each other, get accountability and to meet to get things done !

Dedicating the time to meeting my business besties has meant more momentum, I have found collaboration opportunities and new ideas have opened up from their contributions. I feel clear about what I want to do with my business. I especially love when those moments crop up when I’m stuck, I hotseat the problem and come away with an action plan!

I wondered how I could create more of this in 2016 and through their encouragement I am now offering to host a live monthly Business Bestie Sessions for women in business in Auckland. ( An online version will come !)

Business BestiesI love to pass in knowledge & support other women in business to make their work lives easier .

I have owned and run my own business for 12 years.  If you live in Auckland and would like to find out more about my get it done sessions in 2016 email [email protected]  We can get on a call to discuss what you need in 2016.

This definitely is for you if you are committed to action, learning, business growth and are looking for place to belong that includes fun and celebrations! I am creating my Tribe !


Ready to get more accomplished in 2016?

What you get …

  • 2 hour Monthly mentoring “Get It Done” sessions- we bring a piece of work TO DO
  • Learn new tools each month to increase your productivity
  • Private Facebook group for support where I provide links to great resources like Ted Talks and Podcasts & where you can post your questions
  • Productivity tips and tools in the monthly meeting
  • Morning tea
  • Access to guest experts from time to time

Limited to 9 people to gain momentum and offer hotseats where needed.

I will be leading the sessions to ensure we finish up on time and practice ferious focus and learning. Join me and work ON your business every month.

Want to find out if this is right for you?  I will be taking calls from Monday 11th January.

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How to work ON your business every month

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