How to get the MOST important actions done !

What are your Most Important Actions?

I would add another question in here from my systems coach perspective …

” Do you have a system for taking  actions on a daily basis  ?

Have you done this ? Wrote a list of important actions and not booked in the time to complete them? I have in the past.

Welcome a world where you set yourself up for failure .

Your daily actions will be often be progressing you on a larger project. Knowing what comes next, who needs to do what, how things need to be done is part of the big picture plan that needs some thought and structure. That is another blog article in itself.

Apply the Keep It Simple Sweetheart ( KISS ) principle to your actions. Yes I did change the last word from Stupid to Sweetheart. (Because – why would I want to put myself down ?). Set yourself up for success by ticking off your important actions as soon as possible. Then look at other things on your list.

Whether you use task tracking software or a good old pen and paper it doesn’t matter. Getting the important stuff done first is the focus.

Find a way that suits you. I gave up using paper list 9 years ago and have returned to them in the past six months. Reason – I found I missed the physical act of writing. I also like the act of taking a pen and crossing things off the list as I do them. I gives me a lot more satisfaction than ticking the off in my tasks lists in software.

Your To Do list should have …only 3 Important Actions Per Day

How to get the MOST important actions done !

The system I use to ensure I get things done is this.

  1. Write it down on my daily / weekly planner
  2. Set appointments in my outlook calendar
  3. Tell someone I will do something by a certain date ( accountability )
  4. Turn off all distractions !

What do you use to keep track of your Most Important Actions on a daily basis?

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How to get the MOST important actions done !

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