Q: How much does it cost to write a manual on how to run my business?

A: This will depend on the complexity of your business, industry, number of staff and existing information. For a business of 20 staff, we usually estimate between $10,000 – $15,000 plus gst.

Q: Why do I need systems coaching?

Having someone ask you strategic questions about your business allows you to examine why you do things a certain way. It then allows you to find simpler ways to run your business saving you time, stress and money.

Q: Can I write my own manual?

A: Knowing what information you need to capture is not straight forward for the inexperienced so we recommend starting with one of our templates to get you started. ( $495 plus gst)

Q: Why wouldn’t I just write one myself?

Yes, you can write a manual yourself.

The TWO top challenges for businesses who choose to write their own manuals

– DO you have the time to take out of your business to write your manuals?

– DO you have the skills to create step by step instructions with right amount of detail to make it easy for your team to complete tasks or look up important information?

Do it Yourself Manual Word Template with step by step training for $495 plus gst ( covers the Office basics ) Email [email protected] to get the full table of contents.


Use our Done For  You  Option.  One of our team fill in the details for you.

Email [email protected] to find out more.

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