What to do with all those workshop notes !

Have you attended a webinar, workshop or training program and taken lots of notes?

Had great intentions to implement things and started and then gotten stuck and put it aside?

One day you took a look at the pile of notes and thought what am I going to do with them?

You are not alone. Most business owners I talk to have experienced the heady excitement of learning something new and then not actioning it !

If you have a pile of notes and you want to know what to do with them then read on. They could be digital notes or hand-written ones. They still create mental clutter.

Workshop Notes

Sort those NOTES OUT from those workshops

Take a look at those workshop notes and ask yourself these questions

  1. ARE they still relevant – especially social media dimensions etc as these change fairly quickly !
  2. Is it relevant to my industry?
  3. DO I want to implement this stuff ?
  4. Do I want to learn HOW to do it ?
  5. DO I have the time to it?
  6. How urgent is it in line with my current business goals?
  7. WHAT can you hire someone else to do ? I know my friend Deb Malone found that she has had way more clients wanting to set up  their online sales funnels & facebook adverts than learn how to do it themselves.
  8. Throw out the old notes . Delete the files or recycle the paper notes .
  9. By now you should have a smaller . So sort them into these three categories
    1. STUFF for ME to do
    2. STUFF to outsource !
    3. STUFF to brainstorm
  1. Book at time to take action and WORK on your business
  2. Make yourself accountable to someone to get it done ! Arrange a brainstorm session for stuff you need to figure out.

Stop taking notes START taking action in your business !

Like some help sorting out HOW to do things in your business ?

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Plan your team growth

Organisational ChartOrganisational Chart

Even if you are a small business and you do all of the roles right now it is worthwhile creating your Organisational chart for your business. Accountability flows from a well thought out Organisational Chart.

If you plan you team growth  your business will run a lot smoother. Waiting till you hit the wall and fall flat on your face with exhaustion will help you to fall out of love for your business quickly. As your business grows you may plan to take on a team or outsource parts of your business. Stuff like bookkeeping and it stuff are the most common things to outsource first. Having an overview of each area in your business and how things work together means your team gets to see who they are accountable to.

Areas to cover in your Organisational Chart …

Here are the basic areas to cover. Depending on the type of business / organisation you run the Titles / Roles may change.

  • CEO
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Human Resources & Legal
  • Administration
  • IT
  • Service Delivery/ Operations

STOP and think

  1. Acknowledge how much work you are actually doing – PAT yourself on the back !
  2. Look at the skills sets required to do business, Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR , Admin, IT & Legal, Service Delivery/ Operations
  3. Look at the things you AVOID or grumble about doing – these are the first things to look at outsourcing ( Maybe that is  your blog posts !)
Use the Smart Art Function in Microsoft Word to build your chart or get out a piece of paper and pen!

Next STEP  …. Roles and Responsibilities

How to work ON your business every month

Business BestiesYou know working ON your business is as important as working IN it.

I find that when I start to work on my business I can get stuck, need help and then procrastinate and put it off. I wanted to figure out how to How to work ON my business every month?

Can you relate?

  • I wanted more momentum and to get stuck less often.
  • I wanted to figure out how to work on my business every month.

This year I’ve managed to do just that! This was directly related to having a group of Business Besties. A group of other women in business who are up for business growth knowing that we need to do things differently to get different results.

I have scheduled this time into my calendar as it’s precious and I guard it to make sure I make these sessions.

Women in business who are wanting to grow their business, to bounce ideas off each other, get accountability and to meet to get things done !

Dedicating the time to meeting my business besties has meant more momentum, I have found collaboration opportunities and new ideas have opened up from their contributions. I feel clear about what I want to do with my business. I especially love when those moments crop up when I’m stuck, I hotseat the problem and come away with an action plan!

I wondered how I could create more of this in 2016 and through their encouragement I am now offering to host a live monthly Business Bestie Sessions for women in business in Auckland. ( An online version will come !)

Business BestiesI love to pass in knowledge & support other women in business to make their work lives easier .

I have owned and run my own business for 12 years.  If you live in Auckland and would like to find out more about my get it done sessions in 2016 email [email protected]  We can get on a call to discuss what you need in 2016.

This definitely is for you if you are committed to action, learning, business growth and are looking for place to belong that includes fun and celebrations! I am creating my Tribe !


Ready to get more accomplished in 2016?

What you get …

  • 2 hour Monthly mentoring “Get It Done” sessions- we bring a piece of work TO DO
  • Learn new tools each month to increase your productivity
  • Private Facebook group for support where I provide links to great resources like Ted Talks and Podcasts & where you can post your questions
  • Productivity tips and tools in the monthly meeting
  • Morning tea
  • Access to guest experts from time to time

Limited to 9 people to gain momentum and offer hotseats where needed.

I will be leading the sessions to ensure we finish up on time and practice ferious focus and learning. Join me and work ON your business every month.

Want to find out if this is right for you?  I will be taking calls from Monday 11th January.

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5 keys to Systemise your Recruitment

Years ago I spent two weeks recruiting retail staff for 3 stores. 200 plus phone calls and 40 face to face interviews later I was exhausted and I had fine-tuned the process. What I had in place was great systems and great questions to filter through the right candidates.
What came out of that process was to have a system

5 Keys to Systemise your Recruitment5 keys to Systemise your Recruitment

Before looking at recruiting a new team member, specialist supplier or Virtual assistant I recommend answering the following 5 key questions.

1) The right culture fit
Clarity around “WHY” you are in business and the value you provide to your clients. Your team need to get this ! It needs to be explicit and you should be able to give real examples of this in client case studies/ stories and Staff interactions.

Show your passion for your business and your clients

2) The Logistics
If the role requires your new person to travel a long distance it may be to hard from them to get to work. Especially if they have to travel in peak hours.

  • The place of work – Do they need to be able to travel ?
  • Hours of work – are these flexible or do they need to be fixed?
  • Do you have weekend or evening events they will need to help out on?
  • Flexibility – hours of work also place of work . Do they need to travel to other sites? Can they work from home

Be clear about expectations

3) The skillset
Skills can be trained in some instances. Some job will require specialist knowledge or qualifications. Ensure you are explicit about your minimum requirements.
Be mindful that you need to allocate an amount of time to training and to have an employee handbook to make it easy for them to look up basic information about the company and how to use your systems.
The more time you put into the induction and training the quicker your new team will get up to speed and become a productive part of your business.

How will you know they are ready to do the job? What will you see, hear, observe?

4) Your Leadership style
Use a profiling tool to get clear about what your strengths are. My favourite is the Gallup Strengths Finder.

  • Do you get caught up in the next thing and forget to give clear the instructions?
  • Are you pedantic about it being done your way?
  • Can you be honest about this? Would you want to work for you?

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

5. Use a system to record and track the recruitment process
You need to be able to cut through those who are not suitable as soon as possible.
Track CV’s, references etc..
My favourite new product has been created by an old friend of mine Alen Levis from Find, screen and hire your best candidates in a fraction of the time

It will save you so much time and for the cost of one advert on Seek you can track the whole process. Alen offers a 30 day free trial so you can try before you buy.

If you would like to get started capturing the information for Employee Manual give me call Fiona 021 627822

OR get started with our Done For You Office Manual or Do It Yourself Office Manual

DFY ManualDIY-Office-Manaul

Top 3 Tips for improving your Sales Process

My Top 3 Tips for improving your Sales Process

Read on if you would like to feel more productive and delight your clients with your amazing quick follow up.

If you are doing the sales work in your business then you will often have preparation and follow up tasks to do.

Here are top 3 tips to feel more productive and improve your sales process

TIP 1.      USE your calendar to extend your memory

  • Book 15 – 20 min in your calendar each week – subject “reviewing my sales funnel”
  • Book in 30min – 1 hour SALES TIME on a Monday mornings review your leads, prospects, current clients then call or email them. Try to think of something useful you might be able to send them to reinforce your expertise.

TIP 2.      Make meeting follow up easy

  • Finish on time ! The Key to this is to create an agenda and use it. Park any off topic information for later.
  • If you need to note an action – open a new appointment for yourself using your smart phone, tablet or laptop etc. Write in the action you will take.
  • At the close of the meeting open an email and compose a message confirming the points discussed and actions to be taken with the person as you talk.
  • Allow yourself a buffer of 10 – 15 mins after a meeting to do your follow-up phone calls, emails, updating & entering of information etc..

TIP 3.      Notice what went well and write it down

  • For example – when a sale goes particularly well – take 10 minutes to think about what it was you did. If you can remember it write it down. Was it a great email you can use again? Was it a new set of questions? – not sure? Ask your client.

Making your sales process smooth not only makes it easier for you it also adds a level of professionalism to your client interactions.

This is the start of a SYSTEM!

Kiffin Quote

Want some help streamlining your sales systems?

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