Can you take a holiday and not check your email?

EMAIL OVERLOAD_Can you take a holiday and not check your email?

Here are two of my top tips to reducing the email overload after taking a holiday.

Letting your key clients know you will be unavailable is a great place to start for us consultants, coaches and service providers.

System for Notifying Clients you will be away

  1. Send an email out two weeks in advance and then again 2 days in advance. Stating the dates you will be away from and to.[ OR call the ones you have regular contact with.]
  2. Set up an email autoresponder stating the dates you will be away from and to. ( Do this for your phone as well if you do not wish to recieve phone messages)

After a short break away I was please to see that my inbox was pretty much under control. What I did notice was the large amount of email subscriptions that I had not opened. So I started to review the emails I still wanted to receive.

System for Managing Email Subscriptions:

  1. Sort by the sender and look at how many you have not opened over the past month or more.
  2. Determine if you need to unsubscribe. (I recommend doing a review and unsubscribe once a fortnight of 5 if you have a long list ). This will reduce the unread emails that clutter your inbox
  3. OR set up folders for the email subscriptions you want to keep and set rules for them to be delivered into folders and leave you Inbox less cluttered.

How do you manage your email after a holiday?


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