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Good systems and processes = good for employee retention

A recent employment survey in Australia has shown that the biggest gripe Employees have is with their systems and processes. 41 % of respondents picked Systems and Processes as their key frustation. “This result is consistent with Insync Surveys’ benchmark database where “structure and systems” is placed in the third quartile (i.e. in the bottom […]

The secret of successful delegation. How to clear your in tray by delegating to your team.

Managers are often reluctant to delegate because they feel they can do the job quicker and better than a team member and that they will lose control of how things are done.  There is certainly an art to successful delegation but, once you’ve mastered it, you will be able to manage your workload more effectively […]

Book Review: Gung Ho ! – How to turn on the people in your organisation.

by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles The book cover states “Gung Ho ! Turn on the people in any organisation. This intrigued me. ” IncreaseProductivity, Profits and your own prosperity”  I though YES please. A reoccurring problem I have experienced as an employee and seen for my clients is how to motivate the staff to […]

Office Spring Clean Part 1: Tidying up Computer Folders

Here is my Office Spring Clean TO DO List Review business computer folders Are the computer folder names still relevant? if not change after discussion with the team Can I find my current projects quickly? [ This is usually for short term projects – desktop shortcuts are a great way to manage this ] What […]

Filing paperwork and Managing To Do’s

Filing paperwork & Managing To Do’s tips In my ideal world I wouldn’t have to file paper. In the real world I still collect a lot of paper over the course of a week from client forms & documents to workshop booklets. The pile on my desk can get out of control pretty quickly if […]