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Cheat sheet of the basics you need to have ready for using temporary or contract staff

As a business grows or when staff take holidays you may find the need to use a temp in your business. I have been into many businesses where a temporary staff member has been sitting behind a desk answering calls and running over to interrupt staff to answer questions or greeting guests and not knowing […]

Do you have a bucket list for your business?

I recently started my own personal bucket list not because I have recieved any life threatening news. The intention is to stretch myself, aquire new skills, experiences, have a goal just for me ( not the mum, wife & business owner )look for ways to learn & stretch myself and connect with like minded people […]

What is on your Business cards? Are you a copy cat or connector?

In 2003 Kiffin was launched and I got my first business card. I was so proud and excited to hand it out. The cards were created by looking at what others did and copying. The image here is the evolution of my business cards. Each new business card I had printed was different in an […]

Persistence and Resilience

In business & life we are often faced with obstables to overcome. Sometimes they seem insurmountable and you wonder “am I on the right path“.  Persistence & Resilience   Here is a link to remind us all that the great people we might admire from history did not fall into success they worked hard and […]

Top 5 Administration Functions to Write down

As a business grows and takes on more staff each staff member starts to take on specific tasks. Problems can arise when that staff member takes a holiday and ooops no one knows what day does the rubbish go out. I worked in a company where the issue of rubbish not being put out became […]

5 Words to start recording how you do business ( writing procedures )

Have you  started writing down how do a specific task ?  Not completed it? Needed to do the task again and realised you have no idea where you stored the document? Recreated the document it again and oops forgot where it you put it? You are not alone !  – With out a clear way […]

5 tips for setting up Forms that work

A bit of planning and a good template can go a long way to ensuring you have forms that work. Businesses forms that work need to: address the needs of the user be easy to understand and to use be easy to find reflect current practises Planning is the key. Before diving in and typing […]

1st day new employee starting – can they actually start work?

Spoke to a great friend of mine today and it triggered a topic which is close to my heart. Ensuring you have everything ready for your new employees on their first day. My friend started at her new job which she is really excited about and she is sitting at her new computer today without […]

Induct new staff more simply and easily

Settling new staff members in can really slow down your productivity. Learning small things like how to set up their email, or where the tea and coffee is kept means your new team member will take a while to start performing at top speed. It also means they’re interrupting their team‐mates to ask questions. Record […]

Keeping your manual current

If you have a manual that documents how you do business – how often do you update it?   You may call it an Operations Manual, Systems Manual, Departmental Manual, Sales Manual. Keeping your processes, procedures and templates up to date is not usually the full time role of one person in most companies.So information once […]