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After attending a speakers workshop this week, I decided to practice my newly found voice by re-recording my answer phone message for my business phone and  mobile . They are now clearer to understand and more upbeat. [I am not expecting to be inundated with voice over offers just  yet though.] So I thought I […]

The secrets of using templates and how they save you hours

Often we open a new document and just start typing this can cause headaches down the line when we need to tidy it up to present to a client. Most of us have had no format training on how to make the most out our software – How many times have you had to edit […]

What are you doing to keep good staff?

After reading an article on the Stuff website this morning I was thinking about the key things I have observed as an employee that made me want to stay or leave a company. The individual human beings who work in our companies have the ability to make of break our companies. Here are the top […]

Top 3 Time saving tips for Overworked Business Owners

Questions              Are you an overworked business owner with To Do lists for your To Do lists?  Is your business growing fast you are scared you may be dropping the ball for your customers? Spending too much time in our business and missing out on time for you and your family?  Well you are in the […]

How to say NO to a supplier with grace and ease

Have you ever sent a quote to a potential client and not received a response? Kiwi business owners I have spoken to seem to find this a common occurrence. In January 2012 I spent a 4 hours on a potential client. This included a scoping meeting, travel time, phone calls and creating a detailed table […]

Do you have staff contact details recorded? Get in quick to get your FREE template

Recording your staff contact details in one place can come in handy for not only emergency but also celebratory events. What celebratory events do your acknowledge with your staff ? Birthdays? Birth of a child? Weddings? Do you have a policy for staff celebratory events? Is it adhoc and something that person who is the […]

Customer Service Standards – or lack of them…

After a 44 minute phone call to the customer service team at  ( shall I name them? – you choose) on Sunday to sort out my internet connection which had been out for 3 days ( with no prior warning) I thought what topic for my blog this week. My original phone call to ( […]

Who does WHAT around here?

Can’t find the stuff? Forgot to follow up with a client? Too much administration to take care of? Having a clear definition of who does what in your business will make staff absences easier to plan for and manage & that you clients still get taken care of. It will also mean that you can […]

Do you know what assets your company owns?

Last November I managed to knock a cup of coffee over my laptop !  After a rather large ##**%@!! I went to hunt for the copy of the original purchase in my asset register. ( yes I did have a backup !) Having an asset register can be as simple as an excel spreadsheet or […]

Picking yourself up when you fail? – building business systems

Self made billionaire Sarah Blakey talks about how she picked herself up when she failed or was faced with a challenging situation. Click Here to listen to her interview with Diane Sawyer This got me thininking how have I learnt from my business mistakes and how do I pick myself up? Business mistakes… So here […]