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What to do with all those workshop notes !

Have you attended a webinar, workshop or training program and taken lots of notes? Had great intentions to implement things and started and then gotten stuck and put it aside? One day you took a look at the pile of notes and thought what am I going to do with them? You are not alone. […]

Plan your team growth

Organisational Chart Even if you are a small business and you do all of the roles right now it is worthwhile creating your Organisational chart for your business. Accountability flows from a well thought out Organisational Chart. If you plan you team growth  your business will run a lot smoother. Waiting till you hit the […]

How to work ON your business every month

You know working ON your business is as important as working IN it. I find that when I start to work on my business I can get stuck, need help and then procrastinate and put it off. I wanted to figure out how to How to work ON my business every month? Can you relate? […]

5 keys to Systemise your Recruitment

Years ago I spent two weeks recruiting retail staff for 3 stores. 200 plus phone calls and 40 face to face interviews later I was exhausted and I had fine-tuned the process. What I had in place was great systems and great questions to filter through the right candidates. What came out of that process […]

Top 3 Tips for improving your Sales Process

My Top 3 Tips for improving your Sales Process Read on if you would like to feel more productive and delight your clients with your amazing quick follow up. If you are doing the sales work in your business then you will often have preparation and follow up tasks to do. Here are top 3 […]

Systems to make your marketing easier and profitable

Guest Blogger – Renata Mathewson from Maple Marketing. Renata has been helping me with my marketing since I first met her in 2006. She taught me systems that make my marketing easier and more profitable. I attended her marketing workshop last year and it helped me plan out and budget for my marketing activities. Over […]

Can you take a holiday and not check your email?

Can you take a holiday and not check your email? Here are two of my top tips to reducing the email overload after taking a holiday. Letting your key clients know you will be unavailable is a great place to start for us consultants, coaches and service providers. System for Notifying Clients you will be […]

How to get the MOST important actions done !

What are your Most Important Actions? I would add another question in here from my systems coach perspective … ” Do you have a system for taking  actions on a daily basis  ? Have you done this ? Wrote a list of important actions and not booked in the time to complete them? I have […]

Top 5 tips to Meetings that make things Happen

How often have you attended a meeting to watch it get hijacked by other topics? Listen to a debate that has nothing to do with why you thought you where meeting? How would you like to run a meeting where there is an agenda that has only 3 topics ? All other topics that are […]

Delegating with ease

How often have you thought it will take to long to teach someone how to do this… I will just do it myself? I suggest you book yourself a time in your calendar to write down “HOW to do those tasks”. Never written a how to before? A simple trick I use is to write […]