5 key things to systemising your recruitment

Years ago I spent two weeks recruiting retail staff for 3 stores. 200 plus phone calls and 40 face to face interviews later I was exhausted and I had fine-tuned the process. What I had in place was great systems and great questions to filter through the right candidates.

  1. The right culture fit

Clarity around “WHY” you are in business and the value you provide to your clients. Your team need to get this ! It needs to be explicit and you should be able to give real examples of this in client case studies/ stories and Staff interactions.

Show your passion for your business and your clients

  • The Logistics

If the role requires your new person to travel a long distance it may be to hard from them to get to work. Especially if they have to travel in peak hours.

  • The place of work – Do they need to be able to travel ?
  • Hours of work – are these flexible or do they need to be fixed?
  • Do you have weekend or evening events they will need to help out on?
  • Flexibility – hours of work also place of work . Do they need to travel to other sites? Can they work from home

Be clear about expectations

  • The skillset

Skills can be trained in some instances. Some job will require specialist knowledge or qualifications. Ensure you are explicit about your minimum requirements.

Be mindful that you need to allocate an amount of time to training and to have an employee handbook to make it easy for them to look up basic information about the company and how to use your systems.

The more time you put into the induction and training the quicker your new team will get up to speed and become a productive part of your business.

How will you know they are ready to do the job? What will you see, hear, observe?

  • Your Leadership style

Use a profiling tool to get clear about what your strengths are. My favourite is the Gallup Strengths Finder.

Do you get caught up in the next thing and forget to give clear the instructions?

Are you pedantic about it being done your way?

Can you be honest about this? Would you want to work for you?

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Use a system to record and track the recruitment process

You need to be able to cut through those who are not suitable as soon as possible.

Track CV’s, references etc..

My favourite new product has been created by an old friend of mine Alen Levis from http://haystack.jobs/ Find, screen and hire your best candidates in a fraction of the time

It will save you so much time and for the cost of one advert on Seek you can track the whole process. Alen offers a 30 day free trial so you can try before you buy.

If you would like to get started capturing the information for Employee Manual give me call Fiona 021 627822

5 key things to systemising your recruitment

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