Filing paperwork and Managing To Do’s

Filing paperwork & Managing To Do’s tips

In my ideal world I wouldn’t have to file paper.

In the real world I still collect a lot of paper over the course of a week from client forms & documents to workshop booklets. The pile on my desk can get out of control pretty quickly if I don’t keep on top of it.

I noticed I was really good at looking after the paper to do with my clients not so good at keeping on top of my working on the business To Do’s.   A lot of my client have also found this  a mayor pain.

The best advice is to

  1. Do it
  2. Dump it
  3. Delegate

Here is the simple system I have created to keep on top of the delegated items in my paper war.

2 Simple Tools

My life has been made easier with the use of Post It notes & Clear plastic L shaped Pockets for storing the documents in.

Step by Step Process

for those who love to learn this way …

  1. I group the paper in client names, Marketing To Do’s etc..
  2. Then I take a Post It note and write the title of the group of paper ( eg: Marketing To Do’s) on the sticky side up
  3. Then I place that group of documents in an L shaped clear pocket and stick the Post It note inside the folder
  4. Repeat till all paper is filed
  5. Then I go to my outlook calendar and note in my reoccuring Marketing appointment to check my To Do file.
  6. Then I store in my standing file on my desk.
  7. Once I have completed my To Do from the file I write in red pen actioned and the date
  8. If decide the paper is something I will need to refer I store it in my filing cabinet under the matching file name
  • or I get to dump it in the rubbish bin – oooh now that feels good
  • or if the other side is blank it gets recycled as drawing paper for my kids to use.

Photos for those who love to see how it works…

End Result

Filing tipsManaging To Do's

Happy filing from the team at Kiffin

Filing paperwork and Managing To Do’s

2 thoughts on “Filing paperwork and Managing To Do’s

  1. I refuse to file paper Fiona. I wrote a paper 15 years ago called Paperless Filing (pdf available free on request) and keeping it updated over the years has been easy because the principles don’t change and the technology improves, making the story even more compelling. Here’s an easy tip – get a scanner. They need not be expensive, though if your paper volumes are large you should invest in one with an automatic feeder. A lot of copiers are scanners these days too. Make a digital folder instead of a plastic one, call it the same thing you were going to call your plastic one, and store on the computer. Scan documents, name them sensibly (e.g. ‘notes from meeting feb 2012″) and store them in the appropriate folder (e.g Paul Molloy Ricoh). Easy. Don’t worry about handwriting recognition or anything fancy. When you want to read the notes you scribbled on paper, open the Paul Molloy folder and browse. Just as fast as the paper file, but you get access anywhere instead of just in the office. Also easy to take backup copies in case of a disaster in the office (fire, earthquake – they happen). Put a to-do in your diary if necessary, and cross reference it to the document. Recycle the paper instantly. If you’re worried about storage – you can buy a 1 Terabyte drive for a PC today for little more than $100, and 1TB will store millions of scanned pages. That’s not only safer but also cheaper and more convenient than plastic covers. Of course if you’re truly talking that mnany documents you need to be talking to me about document management.

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