5 Words to start recording how you do business ( writing procedures )

Have you  started writing down how do a specific task ?

  •  Not completed it?
  • Needed to do the task again and realised you have no idea where you stored the document?
  • Recreated the document it again and oops forgot where it you put it?
You are not alone !  – With out a clear way of storing information on tasks, processes and procedures you will do this over and over again.
Best Practice

Create a manual and store in a central folder called Company Information. I call our Manual How We Do Business it covers all the practical tasks performed in my business in all areas.

So what do you need to write down?
  1. When – Frequency – how often do we do this? ( The 1st Wednesday of the month)
  2. Who does it – name the role preferably not the person
  3. What needs to be done ? In what order?
  4. Why do we need to get this done – does it impact on other areas if it is left?
  5. How is it done ?  – get really specific

Know you need this and don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself?

Click Here to see how easy it is to start.




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