System to write a manual

How would you like learn a system to write a manual? Create consistency and efficiency around your daily work processes, documents, policies and procedures? Automate boring jobs? Have clear simple ways to get new staff productive quickly?

We work with clients three ways.

  1. Review and tweak your existing  manuals,systems and templates and provide recommendations for you to implement with support from us
  2. Create manuals – helping you define your table of contents and conduct interviews with your staff , contractors and suppliers and write up your procedures and processes while adding in best practice to  fill in the gaps.
  3.  Coach you to systemise more of your time and business through one of our programs or a customised solution.

Get systems coaching to refine, set up or implement your business systems and processes Learn with our system to write a manual .Get coached to set up and maintain your documents or We can do it for you.

processOur System…

1. Anaylse and Review – We ask the questions: Where are you now?, what have you got?, what needs to be done?
2. Document & Record We document and record how you do things in your business  through the use of one on one interviews.
3. Template – We create templates for all your frequently used documents.
4. Train We train staff on how to use templates and access information.
5. Update We contact you to organise reviews and to update your documents.

Outcome for your Business: A balance of the right information in the right place at the right time for your clients, staff and suppliers.

 We can work with you face to face (for Auckland based clients). Via phone, Skype or Google hangout.