Do your Microsoft word documents suffer from Muffin top?

Those of us who use Microsoft Word will have had to edit a document some time in their career and had annoying things happen like:

  • images disappearing,
  • tables falling off the sides of pages,
  • page numbering and footer disappearing
  • table of contents with double entries of the same heading

If you plan to use word as your primary tool for document creation experts will recommend setting up a template.

You will want a consistent look that reflects your brand so spent a bit of time with your graphic designer defining your standard colours ( RGB) , table styles and determine which fonts you will be using.

I recomend setting up the following templates

  1. Eletterhead ( with some standard click and type areas to guide people on what needs to be filled in)
  2. Form ( if you require your clients to sign off anything)
  3. Manual ( for your internal business processes, policies, procedures etc…)


Ohh and by the way we have been setting up word templates for our clients since 2003  ….so  if you need to call on experts email

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